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Privacy Policy  



System logs  

Each visit of a user visiting SALT DATA Innovations websites is automatically registered in the server in the so-called system logs. Data saved in this way includes, among other things, date, time of the visit and the IP address. Data from the system logs are used only for purposes of server administration and for managing statistics of website visits.  
Cookies and other similar technologies  

SALT DATA Innovations websites utilizes so-called cookies, or information saved by the servers on user devices. This information can be collected every time the device is connected to the server. SALT DATA Innovations may use other similar technologies. Under our Privacy Policy, information about cookies can also refer to other similar technologies used within SALT DATA Innovations websites. Cookies usually contains the name of the server it was sent from, the time of storing them on user devices and a unique number. Cookies may be saved on the user device, and then be used by external suppliers of tools for monitoring traffic and activity on the website, who cooperate with SALT DATA Innovations.  
Cookies are used by the majority of highly developed websites to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions, including without limitation:  

creating individual content viewing statistics,  

personalization of services provided within a website,  

maintaining user session,  

authentication of people using the service,  

providing users with personalized advertising content.  



SALT DATA Innovations sites use the following types of cookies:  

Essential Cookies, which use is essential for the running of our website services, for example to allow the use of sessions,  

Marketing Cookies, used to track advertising effectiveness to provide a more relevant service and deliver better ads to suit your interests,  

Functional Cookies, used to remember users preferences on our websites. This can be anything from remembering user mobile/desktop view, last phrases typed by the user or user preference on our website,  

Analytical Performance Cookies, used to monitor the performance of our websites and how users use it.  


Cookies cannot be used for direct identification of a user (using an anonymous reporting technology), they do not change user browser options or device configuration.  
The user can independently determine and modify browser settings so that they will not accept cookies. If this option is selected many websites may not function properly or not at all. It may be possible to set your browser to not accept cookies and ask for user’s consent before each cookie used. This gives the user control over what is set on its device, however this has the drawback of slowing down the user browsing experience.  

No change in cookies configuration means they will be set by the user devices, therefore SALT DATA Innovations will keep information regarding user devices and gain access to this information.  

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